Leadership development: Employee engagement survey case studies

Employee engagement_leadership development  Employee engagement case study #1

Industry: Electricity, Gas and Water Supply | Size: Medium

Analysis of the employee survey data indicated widespread problematic leadership at the mid-management level and below. This was impacting employee engagement irrespective of gender and tenure.

Insync Surveys consulted with the operational manager to confirm this hypothesis and she validated the results. Insync Surveys took the executive leadership team through the issues who endorsed their action plan. They worked with the operations director to discuss types of courses which would promote a sense of leadership capability and looked at where the biggest gains could be made.


Middle management staff have been sent on an emotional intelligence training course which is helping them become better people managers; employees' overall engagement is yet to be measured again as the implementation their first action plan is still underway.

Employee engagement_leadership development  Employee engagement case study #2

Industry: Transport and Storage | Size: Large

This organisation ran Insync Surveys' Alignment and Engagement Survey for all staff which revealed poor levels of engagement due to middle management. While most middle managers had been in the business for a long time and were subject matter experts, they had poor leadership skills and couldn't inspire their people.


The organisation introduced supervisor training sessions to upskill managers. They also re-introducing staff suggestion boxes after they were removed following the IT revolutions; this invited feedback which can be anonymous from valuable staff members who were becoming ostracised due to their lack of access or skill to use computers.

Employee engagement_leadership development  Employee engagement case study #3

Industry: Property and Business Services | Size: Medium

The organisation was concerned about whether their new leadership program was working. They saw that it didn't have the strong impact to their leaders' actions as they hoped. Leaders weren't given enough feedback about their leadership behaviour by peers and direct reports.

Insync Surveys worked closely with the senior management team to build a tailored 360 Feedback Survey. This was to understand what the employees felt about their leaders' skills and behaviours. The 360 Feedback Survey was also used to provide feedback on how to improve employee engagement as direct manager behaviour was impacting this. Leaders were debriefed on their individual results privately and action plans were created in partnership with each leader and implemented. Like many organisations, employee engagement was a clear theme that was lacking in the leadership approach.


Early indications show there has been a significant shift in employee engagement as well as how leaders deal with their staff while maintaining the strong link to their leadership competency framework.

Employee engagement_leadership development  Employee engagement case study #4

Industry: Property and Business Services | Size: Large

An all staff Alignment and Engagement Survey by Insync Surveys indicated that engagement levels could be improved across all levels of the organisation. Many of the senior managers had worked their way up to leadership roles by becoming experienced in their fields rather than through management training. Many initiatives were put into place within this proactive organisation but particularly noteworthy was the implementation of 360 feedback for the leaders.


The leaders with low engagement were given the opportunity to examine via stakeholder feedback in their 360 degree feedback how their goals complimented those of the organisation at large and if their behaviours were aligned to these. Furthermore they were given the opportunity to further develop areas in which they lacked certain skills to equip them to become better leaders. All leaders who undertook the 360 review process were extremely positive about the experience. The Alignment and Engagement Survey| is to be repeated next year to measure for real change.

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